Meet the Apprentice: Ben Green

In the first of a series of blog posts profiling the contestants in this year’s The Knight’s Apprentice Show, we introduce Ben “The Golden Son” Green, who hopes to claim the honour of appearing in our prestigious Easter tournament. Who will you be cheering on?

Ben Green

Height: 5″7
Weight: 12st 2lb
Armour: Beauchamp Harness, Milanese

Benedict’s training as a knight, like many boys from well-to-do medieval families, began at the age of four. His ambition to joust bloomed at a young age in the rolling peacock-scattered lawns of Warwick Castle where he watched as mounted knights waged glorious combat all in the name of honour, fame and for the hand of a fair maiden.

He cut his combat teeth in the on-going tourney of youthful competition alongside his two brothers, all vying for the coveted title of the Golden Son. Benedict now bears the motto proudly emblazoned upon his standard (although this title remains hotly contested by his brothers).

His unconventional chivalric training saw him foster a love of all things martial, historical and knightly through studying Ancient and Medieval History at university before becoming a History teacher (engage him in a conversation about armour at your peril).

Having not learnt to ride in his youth, Benedict feared that he would remain an armchair jouster to the end of his days. That was until a family friend took him under their wing and set him loose in their riding school for the first time at the distinguished age of 33.

Benedict joined Destrier in 2011, earning his spurs and achieving his life’s ambition on the debris-strewn fields in the wake of the grand charge at the Battle of Bosworth in 2014.

Touted as the “plucky” Welsh knight, Benedict’s drive and ambition rivals that of the fierce Marcher Lords of the tumultuous medieval era.

In 2017, he is throwing the gauntlet down to his competitors on the English jousting circuit and will bring his indomitable Welsh spirit to the lists.

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