Meet Team Norway: Ivar Mauritz-Hansen & Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell

Our Easter Tournament sees jousters from across the globe compete for personal glory and international bragging rights. Meet Team Norway, represented this year by Ivar Mauritz-Hansen and Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell.

Ivar Mauritz-Hansen

Hailing from Bærum, Norway, Ivar was inspired by the exploits of the great heroes of the medieval era from a young age and began competing in Olympic fencing at the age of 9.

By 2006, he had begun training with medieval swords and armour and joined De Norske Frilansene in 2007. After a year of fighting as a foot soldier, Ivar began riding at Trollspeilet with the ambition of becoming a knight and broke his first lance in preparation for the Nordic Challenge Tournament in Norway 2008. He has gone on to take part in tournaments around the world and last year won gold with Team Norway at the prestigious Arundel International Jousting Tournament.

Ivar’s current armour is based on Milanese style from the early 15th century. Fully assembled the suit consists of 213 pieces of metal, not counting the individual chainmail rings, and weighs about 45 Kg.

For Ivar what makes the joust such an awesome experience is the feeling of power in being hit as well as striking an opponent. He also believes that in the melee the skill of riding is still the most important over just dealing out blows. If you are going to beat up somebody with a club, do it with style.

Ivar’s coat of arms

Per “Pelle” Estein Prøis-Røhjell

Per Estein Prøis-Røhjell, aka Pelle, was born in 1976, and he is married with two children. He works as a riding instructor in his own company Trollspeilet, which offers riding instruction all over Norway and abroad.

He has participated in medieval tournaments in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France, and was Tournament Champion at the Tournament of St Olav in Trondheim in 2012. Last year we part of the Norwegian team who won gold at the Arundel International Jousting Tournament.

Pelle’s coat of arms

Taking place over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, the Easter Tournament runs from 14th-17th April. Find out more about our Easter Tournament and purchase your tickets with Eventbrite.