Meet Team France

Our Easter Tournament sees jousters from across the globe compete for personal glory and international bragging rights. Meet Team France, represented this year by Marie Baron and Luc Petillot.

Marie Baron

Marie Baron

Marie has been riding from a young age, trying her hand at many disciplines and even competing in classical dressage.

In 2005, she began learning the art of jousting with the medieval reenactment group “Excalibur”, becoming one of the first female jousters in France. Since then she has taken part in several international tournaments across the globe, including tourneys in England, Belgium, Germany, Canada, Australia, Denmark, and Poland.

Marie is a professional horse trainer for classic dressage, side saddle, and film. She also takes part in Napoleonic re-enactments as a member of the 5th Hussar Regiment and western shows.

Marie’s coat of arms

Luc Petillot

In 2002, Luc formed the medieval re-enactment group “Excalibur”, which participates in organised tournaments and competitions every year, as well as taking part in historical shows at the Stade de France in Paris, and contributing to TV and film productions. Luc frequently travels to compete in jousting tournaments all over the world and has ridden in a number of main reenactment battles across Europe.

Luc’s passion for horses and history spans the 13th to 19th century. He keeps eight horses at home in France, where he organises jousting clinics and foot combat tournaments as well as training horses and riders with lance, saber, pistols, and carbines. He is also a HEMA (Historial European martial arts) instructor for ancient foot combat.

Luc’s coat of arms

Taking place over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, the Easter Tournament runs from 14th-17th April. Find out more about our Easter Tournament and purchase your tickets with Eventbrite.