Meet the Horses 2017

We’ve introduced you to the apprentices and jousters taking part in our tournaments over the next fortnight, so let us introduce you to the real stars of the Knight’s Apprentice and the Easter Tournament.

NB: A horse is measured in “hands” with each “hand” being equal to four inches.


Traditional Cob, 15 hands

Don’t be fooled by the colouring, the humble black and white cob has been seen in many of the great battles throughout history. Alfie’s short, stocky frame, bulging muscles, and tonnes of personality make him a fantastic mount. Alfie is an amazing stunt horse having taken part in many performances around the country, although he never forgets his roots as a happy hacker back at base camp.


Grey Dales, 15 hands

Dylan is one cheeky little chap loving nothing more than to play up to the crowd for cheers and applause. A very brave jousting horse who has won many a tournament, his specialities are jumping shield walls and jumping fire.


Welsh Cob x Irish Draught, 15.2 hands

This beautiful chestnut mare is in her 3rd season of jousting. She is a pleasure to ride and has a very smooth canter making her a popular choice with the knights, and is also an amazing member of the Action Horse cossack trick riding team.


Welsh Cob x, 15.1 hands

Mojo is a black gelding that you may recognise as one of Ross Poldark’s horses. Always a popular, kind, and friendly horse, he has been performing in displays for the last of years and is showing a lot of potential.


Irish Draught, 17 hands

Star of stage and screen, Rupert has taken part in many a production from centre stage at the Royal Opera House in London to leading cavalry charges at the Horse of the Year Show. A very popular horse with actors, Rupert is as solid as a rock and weighs the same as a tank.


Black Cob, 15 hands

Small but mighty with his tail swirling like a propellor, Aramis in full flight is quite a sight to behold. If you listen carefully you will even hear him squeal with delight as he sets off down the list. This horse loves jousting more than anything but has also appeared in the popular TV shows Queen Victoria, Poldark, and Peaky Blinders.


Irish Hunter, 17 hands

With his long legs and giraffe-like stature, you can see Patrick’s sporty breeding from a mile away. With muscles designed for the hunting field, the short sprints needed for the joust are a breeze for this gentle giant.


Lusitano x Irish Draught, 16 hands

Easily recognisable, this stunning dun horse has carried principal actors on TV and film and he also appears in stunt shows around the country. He is a seasoned jouster and very popular with the knights for being super intelligent and very trainable.