Riddle Me This

Bank holiday fun for all the family this weekend (Saturday 29 April – Monday 1 May) at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. Join us for an intriguing weekend of murder mysteries, concealed weapons and forensic science and discover the true facts and science behind Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes adventures.

In ‘The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual’, Sherlock Holmes is tasked with solving the mysterious disappearance of two staff from Mr Musgrave’s service. Deciphering an ancient riddle, he uses his powers of deduction to bring the case to rest.

Can you unravel our riddles and solve the mystery?

This armour of mine, fills me with pride
For when I adorn it you should all hide
It’s fit for a king from the days of yore
And when I wear it I don’t purr but ROAR!
Answer: The Lion Armour

She’s as big as a house
She’s scared of a mouse
And so that nothing will harm her
She wears loads of armour
Answer: The Elephant Armour

Frozen in time this battle appears
Standing their ground despite their fears
My horse reared up, my lance in hand
Cursed for eternity, forever to stand
Answer: The Lion Armour

It was the end of the Napoleonic wars
And ABBA’s hit, in 1974
Between these epic armies, there was a collision
And ABBA went on to win Eurovision
Answer: The Battle of Waterloo

You use me to balance
You use me to fight
You use me for fashion
I’m a guardian at night
In the cobbled streets of old London town
I will turn criminal smiles into criminal frowns
Answer: Sword cane

From copper and tin my bronze was forged
In the earth of Greece, I slept and snored
When they found me, I was worse for wear
So the Victorians gave me a cheeky repair
Answer: Corinthinian bronze helmet

Please don’t be fooled
A gift was I to one who once ruled
With specs on my nose
And horns on my head
I’m now the symbol of our museum instead
Answer: The horned helmet helmet

If you can’t wait for to work out the answers then you can reveal them by highlighting the text on this page.