Dangerous Arts

With the release of ‘Dangerous Arts’ the newest publication from the Royal Armouries, we are providing you with the chance to preview a sample of the book.

From the earliest times, the finest craftsmen in the world created beautiful objects for their wealthiest patrons. Worn by kings and coveted by emperors, these items not only revealed the owners’ power but also their standing as great connoisseurs of the arts.

Dangerous Arts reveals a world that combines art with conflict, death with beauty. Replete with gorgeous photography, it showcases objects that adorned the great palaces, tournament fields and parade grounds of the world. These are objects made to kill but also to impress: a magnificent testament to craftsmanship, engineering and high fashion.

With an introduction by Senior Curator Karen Watts, the book explores:

  • Power, Pomp and Privilege
  • Artists, Designers and Craftsmen
  • Gifts, Goodwill and Gratitude
  • Conflict, Commerce and Culture

Dangerous Arts is now on sale for a special introductory price of £8.99 on the Royal Armories shop website.

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