Meet Team Australia: Sarah Hay and Phillip Leitch | Royal Armouries Easter Joust

Our Easter Tournament sees jousters from across the globe compete for personal glory and international bragging rights. Ahead of this year’s joust, meet team Australia, represented this year by Sarah Hay and Phillip Leitch.

Sarah Hay


Motto: ‘Courage.  Passion.  Integrity.’

An equestrian since she could walk, Sarah Hay has competed in the disciplines of show hacking, dressage, side saddle, camp drafting, sporting, jumping, eventing, mounted archery and now jousting. Her passion for the joust was inspired at first sight of the sport.  She started jousting in 2008. In 2010, at her first international joust in Europe, she won the sport joust at Hackaland, Belgium.



Since then she has competed internationally each year, visiting Belgium, Canada, France, Denmark, Poland, USA, Finland, Sweden, England and New Zealand, winning multiple major tournaments in both hemispheres.


Sarah left Australia in 2016 to further pursue her passion for jousting.  Currently living in the Middle East, she is making her way north to join the jousting action in Europe on a more regular basis.


Phillip Leitch


Motto: “Noa Pavita” (Don’t Panic)

Phillip Leitch is a former Australian Special Forces soldier with experience in martial arts, horse riding and medieval armed combat. He has jousted in Australia, Europe and America where he appeared as a black team assistant coach on the History Chanel’s “Full Metal Jousting” TV series.

Phillip has won the prestigious “St Ives Jousting Tournament” three times, a joust where sharp steel points called coronels are fitted to the end of solid timber lances. He also won the 2015 Ohio International Jousting Tournament, an event using the infamous American solid lances, considered one of the most challenging styles of jousting against some of the world’s toughest opponents.

When Phillip won the Tournament de Main, in St Suzanne France, it made him the only jouster to have competed and won in the three main forms of jousting at the international level.

Last year he became the WJC World Champion solid lance jouster.

Today Phillip lives at Kryal Castle where he works full time as a knight, jousting and fighting on a regular basis.

Taking place over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, the Easter Tournament runs from 30th March to 2nd April 2018. Find out more about our Easter Tournament and book your tickets on Eventbrite.