Meet Team Poland: Krystian Mroz and Lukasz Dutkiewicz| Royal Armouries Easter Joust

Our annual Easter Tournament sees jousters from across the globe compete for personal glory and international bragging rights. Ahead of this year’s joust, meet team Poland, represented this year by Krystian Mroz and Lukasz Dutkiewicz. They are sponsored by the Polish Cultural Institute and Embassy of the Republic of Poland

Lukasz Dutkiewicz

Photo credit: Andrew Wickens

Łukasz lives in Kanie Helenowskie, which is a small town just 20km from the centre of Warsaw, where he co-runs a stables and riding school Pa-Ta-Taj.

Together with his wife Zuzanna and her family they currently own around 100 horses and ponies. They train horses and people for sports like show jumping, dressage, cross country and equestrian vaulting and they are the home of the Xiazeca Druzyna the Polish largest historical mounted display group. They run weekly training sessions of horse archery, jousting, skill at arms and provide horses for many events and shows in Poland and around Europe.

Łukasz is a member of one of the oldest Polish re-enactment groups – Smocza Kompania and a founding member and chairman of the mounted group Xiazeca Druzyna.

He has been in re-enactment for the past 22 years and portrayed a number of historical periods from the 11th to the 20th century

Łukasz is also a founder and a Captain of the 2nd Ulhan Regiment of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw and in 2015 led 27 cavalrymen on the fields of Waterloo at its 200th anniversary.

Łukasz has been jousting since 2007 and has competed in many tournaments in Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia.

In 2017 he was a member of the winning team at the annual International Tournament at Arundel Castle.

It will be his first visit to the Royal Armouries, and he is looking forward to it, as it has been his dream since the beginning of his jousting career.

Krystian Mroz

Photo credit: Studio A Fotgrafia

Motto – Dum vivimus vivamus (As long as I live I will use life)

Krystian began jousting in 2014. By day, he is a historical re-enactor at Gniew Castle

Since 2005 Krystian has been doing historical re-enactment and preparing activities for children and young people. He has also co-organized and participated in various events at Gniew Castle.

In 2011 he joined Gniew’s Regiment of Winged Hussars, the pride of the Polish army in the seventeenth century.

Horses are Krystian’s great passion. He runs a horse riding school together with his wife Ewelina and provides horses for jousting, battles and historical shows.

Krystian has taken part in many films realized with the participation of re-enactors from Gniew Castle.

During the 24th edition of the Tournament of King John III, Krystian worked as Stable Master, perfectly fulfilling his duties. This pushed him to try jousting himself.

Throughout 2014 he worked and trained hard under the watchful eye of Jarek Struczyński, and by the end of the year he had completed his first jousting sessions. Since then he has jousted in many shows and jousting displays at Gniew Castle.

In 2015, together with Jarek Struczyński, Krystian successfully competed in his first International Arundel Tournament in the UK.

In 2015 he took part in The Tournament of King John III at Gniew Castle, finishing in second place in the individual competition.

Krystian looks forward to his next, high level, international competition that will happen in just a few weeks and anticipates crossing lances with many renowned jousters.

During the 25th Jubilee edition of the Tournament of King John III, Krystian worked as a Marshall, again perfectly fulfilling his duties.

In 2016 Krystian was a participant in the ECS International Jousting Tournament held at Spottrup Castle, Denmark.

Taking place over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, the Easter Tournament runs from 30th March to 2nd April 2018. Find out more about our Easter Tournament and book your tickets on Eventbrite.