Meet Team France: Luc Petillot and Marie Baron| Royal Armouries Easter Joust

Our annual Easter Tournament sees jousters from across the globe compete for personal glory and international bragging rights. Ahead of this year’s joust, meet team France, represented this year by Luc Petillot and Marie Baron. 


Luc Petillot

Motto: ‘Meus honor est fides’ (My honor is my faith)

Luc has been jousting since 1999 and is one of the key members in the International Jousting League. He is the founder and manager of the group ‘Excalibur Ile de France’, a renowned medieval re-enactment group.

By day he is a lead mechanical engineer for chemical, oil and gas industries. He organizes jousting clinics and foot combat tournaments as well as training horses and riders with lance, sabre, and carabines.

Luc was the winner of the Queen’s Jubilee Horn in the individual competition at last year’s Royal Armouries tournament and will be tough competition to beat.


Marie Baron

Motto: ‘Fides ad gladium, affectus ad scutum, vita exaudiendum’ (My faith for sword, my passion for shield, my life for exhaust)

Marie has been riding since she was very young. She start learning to joust in 2005 in the medieval re-enactment group ‘Excalibur’, and since then, she has taken part in several internationals tournaments in Belgium, Germany, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Poland.

Marie is a professional horse trainer, working in classical dressage and movies. This is Marie’s second time in the Royal Armouries Tiltyard having competed alongside Luc Petillot for Team France in 2017.

Taking place over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend, the Easter Tournament runs from 30th March to 2nd April 2018. Find out more about our Easter Tournament and book your tickets on Eventbrite.