The silk scarf

Andie Hill is a designer of bespoke silk scarves. Originally a costumier from St Albans, Andie first became aware of the beautiful decoration, etching and engraving used in suits of armour when she created a puzzle based on Henry VIII’s silvered and engraved armour which is on display in the White Tower at the Tower of London. Fascinated by the elegance and intricacy of the craftsmanship used to decorate the armour, Andie says ‘I have always been inspired by historyRead more

Fortress collection

We Live Here‘s art captures and celebrates scenes of urban living – the architecture and landmarks of the places we call home. His latest artwork, commissioned by the Royal Armouries, depicts the museum in a unique graphic style. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions about his creative process.  Tell us a bit about yourself. My name’s Jonathan Wilkinson and I have been working under the name of We Live Here for over ten years now.Read more

Inspired by…Harness

Seamus Moran, the sculptor behind our latest “Inspired by…” exhibit, tells us about the inspiration and creative process of creating “Harness”. The inspiration for this piece came to me after a visit to the Tower in 1995. I was struck by the concept of armour for horses and for children which I saw as darkly inappropriate. I wondered just how willing a horse would be to take on its new role as a weapon of war, or how it wouldRead more

Commemorating our family’s contributions to the First World War

In Memoriam In the past, it was common for institutions such as schools, railway companies, post offices and even private businesses to create their own war memorials. They remembered those staff who had fallen in the service of their country. This year, as part of the Royal Armouries commemoration of the Armistice, we decided to research the history of our own families. We wanted to find out how the lives of our grand-parents and great grand-parents were shaped by theRead more

Inspired by the Hoard

At the Royal Armouries in Leeds, visitors can see our new temporary exhibition ‘Warrior Treasures: Saxon Gold of the Staffordshire Hoard’, running from the 27th May until the 2nd October 2016. In parallel with the exhibition, the museum is running a blog series providing behind the scenes details on how these fascinating items were discovered, conserved, and prepared for the exhibition. In this post, Deb Klemperer, Principal Curator at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, (with the help of Paul Bailey, Cultural Development Officer, Stoke-on-Trent CityRead more

And the Winner is

To coincide with the Inspired by… Heraldry exhibition currently on display at Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, we asked our visitors to create their own designs. The winning piece would then be displayed alongside the work of the Yorkshire Heraldry Society. The competition winner was Emma Horsfield  – we spoke to her about the inspiration behind her design. What was your motivation for entering the competition? I decided to enter the competition as history is a great interest of mineRead more