Meet Andy Deane Old Iron-arm

Age: 51 Height: 180cm (5’9) Weight: 82kg Jousting since: 1993 Personal best/highlight: Leading the Royal Armouries team to victory a record breaking three times in a row for the coveted Sword of Honour in Leeds. Motto: Fortis Labore (Strong work) Strength: Experience. By day: Visitor Experience Team Coach, Royal Armouries By knight: (biography/career information) As a young man-at-arms, in 1985, Andy strode out in front of an audience for his first ‘Trial by Combat’. Nervous, and with sword and shield in hand, heRead more

Meet the Jouster Jan Gradon

Age: 35 Height: 194cm (6’3) Weight: 100kg Jousting since: 2007 Team: Poland Personal best/highlight: Sword of Honour team championship at Royal Armouries’ Easter Tournament 2015, Team Championship at the 24th Tournament of King John III in Gniew Castle (2015, Poland), Tournament of the Phoenix 2011 (USA) Champion, the second individual position at Arundel International Tournament 2013 and Skill at Arms competition champion at Arundel 2014. Motto: “Amor Vincit Omnia” (Love Conquers All) Strength: Composure By day: Office General Manager ByRead more

Meet the Jouster Jarosław Struczyński

Age: 51 Height: 1.71m (5’6) Weight: 74 kg Jousting since: 2006 Team: Poland Personal best/highlight: Individual champion of the Royal Armouries Easter Tournament 2015, and therefore winner of the Queen’s Jubilee Horn. Highest individual score on Le Tournoi du Lys d’Argent in Canada in 2012, Tournament in Trondheim, Norway and Tournament of the Phoenix, USA in 2013. Motto: “Deo omnis gloria” (All glory to God) Strength: Trust By day: Founder of several re-enactment groups (15th – 17th century) and organisedRead more

Meet the Horse Alfie

15.1HH  Traditional Gypsy Cob Do not be fooled by Alfie’s colouring. The humble black and white cob is seen in many battles throughout history. A true jousting star. Alfie’s short stocky frame and bulging muscles along with his tonnes of personality make him a fantastic mount. He is an amazing stunt horse and has taken part in displays up and down the country. Although he never forgets his roots as a riding school pony back at base camp.Read more

Meet the Horse Rupert

16.3HH Irish Draught Star of stage and screen Rupert has taken part in many productions from centre stage in Falstaff at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden to leading Cavalry charges at the Horse of the Year Show. Rupert is a brilliant jouster , as steady as a rock, a lovely kind horse who never lets you down.Read more

Meet the Horse Aramis

15HH Dales x Irish Draught Small but mighty with his tail swirling like a propeller, Aramis is quite a sight. If you keep your ears open you can even hear him squeal with joy when he sets off down the list. This horse loves jousting more than anything and it shows in his work. An amazing tv and film horse who is also in Poldark showing on BBC at the moment.Read more