Conserving the Staffordshire Hoard

A selection of the Staffordshire Hoard will be shown in Leeds as part of the Royal Armouries ‘Warrior Treasures: Saxon Gold of the Staffordshire Hoard’ temporary exhibition, running from the 27th May until the 2nd October 2016. The Royal Armouries is therefore running a blog series providing behind the scenes details on how these fascinating items were discovered, conserved, and prepared for the exhibition. In this post Kayleigh Fuller, Staffordshire Hoard Conservator, talks about her work with the collection and the exhibition so far. Find out more at ourRead more

Meet Ocle

Age: 8 Breed: Andalusian Sex: stallion Height: 15.2 Speciality: airs above the ground Ocle is a bold and confidant stallion. With extensive experience in film work and live performance, his courage and intelligence is easily admired! Trained to strike shields, gallop through flames and leap high off the ground in graceful airs above the ground, Ocle is a perfect example of the qualities desired in a war horse. During the Royal Armouries Easter tournament, you will have the chance to see BenRead more

Meet the Jouster Stacy Van Dolah-Evans

  Age: 40 High: 5’11 Weight: 12.5 stone Armour: Burgundian Export 1475-1490 Motto: Mors Aut Gloria – Death or Glory Jousting: 16 years Strengths: experience in Jousting & Melee. Won the Royal Armouries melee at the Easter Tournament 2015. Weakness: NONE! (Perhaps overconfidence?) Stacy is the producer of the International Tournament of Arundel Castle and also one of England’s finest jousters. Stacy has ridden horses since childhood at a competitive level, and progressed into mounted 15th century cavalry and tournamentRead more

Meet the jouster Marc Hamel

  Age: 48 Weight: 84kg Height: 1.8m  (5′ 9) Jousting since: 2006 Team: France Personal best/highlights: Team Champion of the Lys d‘argent (Quebec,Canada) 2012 Honour of Chivalry of the King John III (Poland) 2013 Champion of the Revel (California,USA) 2014 Motto: “Allons-y” meaning “Let’s go” Strength: Honour Weakness: Caring for opponents By Day: Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, armourer and sculptor By Knight: Participated in over 20 international tournaments in Belgium, France, England, Poland,Italy, USA and Canada. “In jousting like in life, I pride myself to haveRead more

The curator at war

Keeper of the Tower Armouries, Bridget Clifford, continues her posts on Charles John Ffoulkes, who was Curator of the Armouries from 1913-1938 – during which he took part in the World War I civil defence of London, completed the first and last complete modern printed catalogue of the Tower collection, and created a museum infrastructure within The Tower. After his retirement, he was awarded an OBE in 1925 and a CBE in 1934 in recognition of his work on the Imperial War Museum. If ffoulkesRead more

Captured moments from the Gallipoli campaign

One of the major events of the First World War to be commemorated this year will be the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign. The Allied plan was to seize the Dardanelles, the narrow straights between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and re-open the southern supply route to Russia, which had been cut after Turkey’s entry into the war on the side of the Central Powers. An attempt to force the narrows by warships of the Royal Navy andRead more