Meet the jouster: Marc Hamel #TeamFrance

  Age: 48 Weight: 84kg Height: 1.8m  (5′ 9) Jousting since: 2006 Team: France Personal best/highlights: Team Champion of the Lys d‘argent (Quebec,Canada) 2012 Honour of Chivalry of the King John III (Poland) 2013 Champion of the Revel (California,USA) 2014 Motto: “Allons-y” meaning “Let’s go” Strength: Honour Weakness: Caring for opponents By Day: Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, armourer and sculptor By Knight: Participated in over 20 international tournaments in Belgium, France, England, Poland,Italy, USA and Canada. “In jousting like in life, I pride myself to haveRead more

Meet the jouster: Michael Sadde of #TeamFrance

Age: 36 Height: 1.82m (5’9) Weight: 82kg Jousting since: 2009 Team: France Motto: “Pro Rege saepe” (For my King, always) Strength: competitive but values teamwork Weakness: sometimes too passionate By day: Michael is CEO of  Le Domaine des Écuyers, a riding school near Sainte-Gemmes-le-Robert and president of historical re-enactment group Les Ecuyers de l’histoire. By Knight: Organizer of tounoi of the Order of Saint Michel in France and participated in Gniew tournament in 2010. Participated in tournaments in Denmark, Italy, France and invited thisRead more