The Ii Naomasa Kabuto

In this monthly blog series, our collections team write about their Object of the Month, chosen from our collection. In this blog post, Assistant Curator Scot Hurst traces the fascinating history of the Ii Naomasa Kabuto. The Oriental Gallery of the Royal Armouries here in Leeds is home to a phenomenal collection of Japanese arms and armour. When faced with such a visually arresting display of brightly lacquered armour, moustachioed faceplates and gleaming blades, it is sometimes easy to overlook the moreRead more

Japanese War Bows used by Samaurai Warriors

The most well-known form of Japanese bow is usually the long war bow which was the original prime weapon of Samurai warriors on horseback. These impressive bows were constructed from a layer of deciduous wood sandwiched between layers of bamboo, and could measure up to two and a half metres in length. The eighteenth-century Japanese bow shown here, however, is made from whalebone and is much smaller, measuring a mere 63cm when strung. It is a kago hankyu, also knownRead more