Old Wild West guns

Welcome everybody to the wild, wild west. In the run up to our Wild West Weekend, we thought we’d introduce you to a magnificent seven of guns from our collection you may have seen in the hands of your favourite cowboys and cowgirls. Winchester 1873 Rifle Based on the 1860 Henry Repeating Rifle, the famous Winchester featured a tube magazine with an enormous capacity for the time and a rapid-fire lever action. Its mechanism would later inspire the Maxim machineRead more

Tough times and even tougher characters…

This February half-term, the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds is set to be over run by outlaws, bandits, desperados, rustlers and thieves. We need your help to track them down, so keep your eyes out for the shady characters below, from 16-24 February. ‘The Big D’ Wanted for gambling, fraud and horse rustling! Tends to shoot first and ask questions of your dead corpse later. You could arrest him but he’s also the Sheriff! Kid Carlson Wanted for petty crimes.Read more